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  • How to get Fanblocks


    • Fanblocks are available in sealed packs, based on four pitch zones and number of blocks

    • Zones closer to the goals offer chances to earn more points

    • Fanblocks are randomly positioned across the four zones

    • You’ll discover what blocks you own after the pack reveal.

23/24 season packs

Buy your packs. Kick-off your collection.

Choose from four packs to give you the best chance of racking up Block Points through goals, assists and other strategic play.

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We are thrilled to announce this 
new partnership with Fanblock.

As a Club, we are always eager to explore new avenues to connect with our global fanbase, and Fanblock is a powerful way to strengthen that bond. Together, we are creating a new exciting way for fan interaction and a new experience for our fans worldwide.

Maikel Oettle

Commercial Director of AC Milan

#1 Fan

Win a VIP AC Milan experience by collecting Fan Points and proving you're AC Milan's #1 fan. There are also weekly giveaways and massive monthly rewards. From December 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does owning a block mean?

You own a Fanblock once you purchase a specific portion of the pitch on the home ground of your favourite team. This could be the penalty spot, for example, or any other block on the playing field.

Your ownership of a specific block is recorded on a public blockchain, so everyone can see that it's truly yours.

As a block owner, you get Block Points for the on-field moments that happen on your block during the season. Your block will also get the legendary moments that shaped your team's history.

What benefits do I get by owning a block?

When you own a Fanblock, not only do you get to enjoy seeing on-field moments unfold on your blocks. You also stand a chance to win weekly giveaways, monthly prizes and an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Italy!

By owning a Fanblock, you get:

- To own blocks of AC Milan's pitch
- Points for every moment that happens on your block
- Access to live match day data analytics
- To unlock exciting prizes and priceless fan experiences
- Access to unique digital assets and collectibles
- To connect with and challenge fans in the global community
- To stand a chance to win a VIP experience to watch your favourite team play live

How do I know that my block is unique?

Every Fanblock is individually numbered with a unique ID. Your Fanblock will have its own value.

How many blocks get released?

Premium, Rare and Ultra-Rare Fanblocks will be released in a limited amount of series. Each series will have a limited quantity of blocks within them. Base Fanblocks will be released in an unlimited amount of series, consisting of 300 blocks each.

Do blocks last forever?

Fanblocks are only active for one season. But you'll own your Fanblock beyond the season in which it is bought, unless you sell it.

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