What is a Fanblock?
official AC Milan pitch blocks
How it works
We’ve divided AC Milan’s playing field into a grid of 1 x 1 yard blocks.
Fanblocks fall into four zones based on match events, using data from Opta.
block points
You earn Block Points when moments like goals and assists happen on your blocks.
Build your collection, and own iconic and future match-defining moments.
How to get Fanblocks

Buy Packs. REVEAL your fanblocks. STart earning points.

Fanblocks are available in sealed packs, based on four pitch zones and number of blocks
Zones closer to the goals offer chances to earn more points
Fanblocks are randomly positioned across the four zones
You’ll discover what blocks you own after the pack reveal

Win exclusive prizes in every AC Milan match by topping the leaderboard or by owning the block that scores the highest points of the match. Secure the top spot on this season's leaderboard and claim the grand prize: an all-expenses-paid trip for two to experience a home game at the San Siro Stadium.
VIP LIVE MATCH experience 
for TWO
meet the legends
merchandise, MEMORABILIA & collectibles
& training 
facility tour
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"I love the concept of Fanblock and I have been following all the stats and match events from your site and explaining Fanblock to my Milanisti friends. I can't wait to get the Jersey and frame it - What a surprise. Thank you!"

Paul, Australia

“I had already been to San Siro but the experience in the VIP hospitality was something unique, perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences of my life!”

Francesco, Italy

We are thrilled to announce this 
new partnership with Fanblock.
As a Club, we are always eager to explore new avenues to connect with our global fanbase, and Fanblock is a powerful way to strengthen that bond. Together, we are creating a new exciting way for fan interaction and a new experience for our fans worldwide.
Maikel Oettle
Commercial Director of AC Milan
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